The stately pinewoods of Glenfeshie in Cairngorms are perhaps the most enduring image to remain in the mind’s eye of any traveller through the Glen. The primeval forests once covered much of the Scottish Highlands, having colonised the land following the last ice age some 10,000 years ago, but in recent historic times they declined to less than 1% of their former area due to forest clearance and the grazing impacts of sheep and red deer.

Even within existing native pine forests the impacts of grazing animals impoverished the flora and fauna and contributed to a continuing decline in the quality of the woodlands. Above the existing woodland the sub-montane forests all but disappeared.

The continuing decline in the magnificent Glenfeshie woodlands was considered unacceptable to the current owner, and in 2006 a decision was made to halt the decline and restore the forest to its former glory.





PhotographersPeter Cairns, Mark Hamblin/2020VISION, Ben Hall/2020VISION